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TEL partnership with University of Greenville

Courses on Demand Program

TEL Learning is a free library of openly-licensed course materials that you can use in your homeschool, school, co-op, or for RA (Regionally Accredited) college credit.

For college credit, you will use the Courses-on-Demand Program, and enroll online to take TEL courses, which have been reviewed and approved for college credit by partner universities, like the University of Greenville. You pay $200 per course for a 3-credit-hour course, which includes all course materials and instruction, as well as registration, technology and exam proctoring fees. Sales tax is included in the price.

From the website:

"TEL Learning is a collection of free, openly licensed materials for general education courses. TEL Learning materials are created and maintained by TEL, a non-profit missional organization that works with institutions and schools to provide equitable access to affordable college education to everyone in the U.S.

TEL Learning course materials are designed for use by anyone looking to supplement their general education courses with highly engineered learning materials: college and high school instructors, librarians, homeschool parents, and life-learners. TEL Learning also offers Courses-on-Demand for college credit."

Why I like TEL:

Each TEL Learning college-credit course features between 60-70 lessons, quizzes, mastery assignments (with peer-review), and 2 proctored exams.

In addition, each of our Courses on Demand provides course meetups with the instructor, live and recorded special topic sessions, and access to course support via chat, phone, and email.

Each lesson in a TEL course contains:

  • A lesson introduction

  • A video overview of the lesson topics

  • Two reading sections

  • A reflective poll

  • A Check Your Knowledge quiz

  • A Resource Toolbox with links to optional study and research materials

  • A glossary

  • A downloadable PDF version of the lesson content

Each three-hour course represents approximately 135-150 hours of study.

TEL Learning has some more challenging to find online college courses like Chinese I, Biology with Lab, Physical Science with Lab, Latin I, US History I and II, and Quantitative Analysis.

And the link to TEL Learning partner University of Greenville (you can find the course equivalency here):|0

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