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Arizona State University - Earned Admissions

Earlier this year, as a response to COVID19, Arizona State University temporarily adjusted the prices of their online Earned Admissions program. Prior to COVID, the cost was $400 plus a $25 fee to upgrade your class for college credit. Until 8/25, ASU lowered the price to just $99, with no additional fees. This huge price drop encouraged my family to give a few ASU classes a try!

A few details:

  1. These are the *ultimate* classes for homeschoolers who might be inexperienced in online classes and who are pursuing college credit at home. They are nearly risk-free because you don't pay if you don't like your grade at the end of the class. Yes. You read that right! If your son/daughter bombs the class, you simply don't pay for it and it disappears from your record forever.

  2. The classes are wildly organized. Fantastically, beautifully structured and laid out in methodic ways that are simple to follow and understand. That is another reason why they are great for first-time credit pursuers (and their moms). There is little to zero hand-holding. There are countdown clocks on assignment due dates, methodical videos to watch that move on in sequential order, and discussion boards with receptive faculty. You also get access to your progress and grade in real-time.

  3. My son is on his 5th Arizona State University EA class and they have all been very interesting with professors that are engaging and easy to listen to.

  4. If you like your grade and decide to pay for it, it appears on your *real* Arizona State University transcript as a *real* class (no mention of "online" or "earned admission") ASU is an accredited university, so having the transcript sent to your final college of choice makes transferring the credit very easy.

  5. You meet the aptitude requirements for general university admission when you complete your 24 course credits with a 2.75 GPA or higher. If ASU is your college of choice, this is a great way to get admission.

  6. No age requirements or test scores required to take classes. You will need a photo ID, a passport makes it very simple, but I have read that they will accept a few other forms of ID, too.

While I have found accredited college credit far less expensive than ASU's regular price of $425, we will likely continue to pursue ASU earned admissions credit for some of the more challenging classes. There is really no price tag you can put on the peace of mind for the "no-risk" perk of these classes and the option to not have a class impact your GPA.

Some helpful hints and links: <--- The actual earned admissions site (note: this is VERY different than ASU's online high school program called "ASU Digital Prep." That program is free for Arizona residents, but $7,000 for out-of-state applicants!)

It can take a week to get your ASU ID and log-in information, so sign up early!

A list of classes can be found here: Something to keep in mind is that most of the science classes count as 3 credits of class and 1 additional credit of lab. That is another great perk!

Classes that my son has taken or is currently enrolled in:

English Composition (Eng 101)

English Composition: Research and Writing (Eng 102)

Introduction to Astronomy (Ast11)

Introduction to Health and Wellness (EXW 100)

Programming for Everyone: Intro to Programming (CSE 110)

Both of the English classes he has taken are the instructor paced classes. ASU offers many self-paced classes that probably work well for people who are disciplined to stay on task or need more flexibility in their schedules. The instructor paced classes are good for my son's schedule.

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