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Indiana Tech "Early Start"

The Indiana Institute of Technology (Indiana Tech) is a private university in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was founded in 1930 as Indiana Technical College by John A. Kalbfleisch, who was also the first university president. The university today is organized into five colleges. The university specializes in career-oriented degree programs in business, engineering, computer science, education, criminal justice, and others. In addition to the traditional semester-long class format, Indiana Tech also offers accelerated degree programs and online programs via its College of Professional Studies (from Wikipedia)

Indiana Tech is regionally accredited, so credits are highly transferable to your destination college. They recommend sophomore or junior/senior standing before enrollment in their dual enrollment program.

Indiana Tech has a homeschool dual enrollment program called "Early Start." There is a subtle but important difference between "dual enrollment" and "dual credit" for homeschoolers. "Dual enrollment" means that a student is still in high school and enrolled in a college-level class at the same time; however, the coursework does not meet any high school graduation requirement. Only college credit is earned. For homeschoolers, especially the ones in states with flexible high school homeschool requirements, a dual enrollment class can become a dual credit class if the homeschool parent feels that they would like to award high school credit for it. The definitions become more important for public or private non-homeschoolers, as they will NOT be getting high school credit for any class they are dual enrolled in UNLESS their high school decides to award it.

From Indiana Tech's website:

Early Start is Financially Smart

  • Classes are just $25 per credit hour compared to $510 per credit hour for a traditional student enrolled at our campus. If you take the maximum number of Early Start courses, you can save approximately $17,000 over the course of your undergraduate degree.

There are currently 13 online dual enrollment classes offered on the IT website, most of the classes are 3 credits each. That amounts to $75 per class. That is a savings of about $1400 per class over regular tuition rates. Only English and Math classes require a prerequisite ACCUPLACER placement exam.

A current list of their online offerings:

  • BA 1200 Foundations of Business (Also Offered in Summer)

  • BA 2010 Principles of Management (Also Offered in Summer)

  • COMM 1250 Foundations of Communication

  • COMM 1400 Public Communication (Also Offered in Summer)

  • HS 1200 Introduction to Human Services

  • PSY 1700 Intro to Psychology (Also Offered in Summer)

  • PSY 1750 Human Growth and Development

  • SS 1110 American Government

  • SS 2410 World History

  • SS 2440 History of Modern America

  • SS 2800 Intro to Sociology (Also Offered in Summer)

  • ENG 1252 Argumentative Writing*(Also Offered in Summer)

  • ENG 1272 Analytical Writing*(Also Offered in Summer)

Find out more here at Indiana Tech's Early Start website:

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