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Help! My Homeschooled Child Wants To Be An Aggie!

Two Ways to Help Your Homeschooled Student Achieve Their Goal

Homeschoolers are not eligible to be included in the top 10% rule for high schools regarding automatic college admission in Texas. A homeschooled student would have to enter as an “Academic Admit” to TAMU and have a qualifying entrance exam score. For the SAT, admission is usually in the 1200-1300 range for the SAT. Scores above 1390 offer an excellent chance of admission and scores in the 1250-1350 have a good chance of admission.

What do to if you have a student that might not be able to achieve high enough SAT scores for admission into TAMU?

As homeschoolers, we are unfortunately excluded from many traditional ways to “stand out” in high school. We are not allowed to school play sports or compete in state band competitions. We cannot participate in FFA or any of the clubs that are offered to the public school students. We must find other ways to allow our children to stand out from the gigantic applicant pool of students applying to college. This is where dual credit can really work to our advantage. Additionally, dual credit offered at West Texas A&M University can result in easier admission and guaranteed transfer of credits to Texas A&M College Station.

West Texas A&M Pre-University Program

Who is eligible?

Students must meet the following criteria:

  • High School Student (Freshman through Senior)

  • College readiness demonstrated as required by Texas Success Initiative (TSI), unless exempt

  • Permission granted from high school or homeschool official, must have a 3.0 on a homeschool transcript


Cost: $150 per course, in-state OR out of state. Plus textbooks and fees, if required. (Just a note, this is a discount from the standard cost of $800-$1100 per course)

The process is pretty standard:

Complete PUP Agreement (between homeschool and university)

Complete PUP Application (between student and university)

Provide required documentation of college readiness

Meet with a university advisor, enroll and pay.

All these steps take place online, without the need to visit campus.

PUP students may apply their WT credit to any of these programs as long as those courses meet the requirements of the particular degree.

Another Option: For Students Wishing to Seek Engineering Degrees from TAMU

The Texas A&M-Chevron Engineering Academy at Houston Community College-Spring Branch (HCC) is an innovative coenrollment program that provides a pathway to students interested in pursuing an engineering degree at Texas A&M University. Students admitted to the Engineering Academy at Houston Community College-Spring Branch are Texas A&M engineering students coenrolled at Texas A&M University in the College of Engineering and at Houston Community College.

Engineering students in the Engineering Academy program enroll in math, science and core curriculum courses through Houston Community College and have the unique opportunity to enroll in Texas A&M engineering courses taught by Texas A&M faculty on the HCC-Spring Branch campus. Students can spend a minimum of one year or a maximum of two years coenrolled at HCC before transitioning full time to Texas A&M University in College Station to finish their bachelor’s degree.


  • Student is ready for Calculus I (MATH 2413) or possibly higher. A student currently enrolled in Trigonometry (MATH 1316) or higher may apply. A student must be ready for Precalculus (MATH 2412) in Fall 2022.

  • Student has a cumulative college GPA of 3.0 or higher. GPA will include repeat courses.

  • Student with a cumulative GPA lower than 2.5 will not be prequalified.

  • Student has a flexible schedule for cohort classes, which are defined as math, science, and engineering. Cohort classes are taught at the Spring Branch campus at various times.

  • Student is committed to a rigorous academic schedule including at least one math, one science, and one engineering course each long semester.

  • Student does not have a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

Some benefits of the Texas A&M-Chevron Engineering Academy at HCC include:

  • Gain optional early entry to an engineering major at Texas A&M.

  • Take engineering courses (taught by TAMU faculty) previously reserved only for students admitted to the Texas A&M College of Engineering.

  • Take your math, science, and engineering courses with the same students at the Spring Branch campus and develop a community of engineering academic peers.

  • Enroll in high-quality courses offered by HCC with smaller faculty-student ratios.

  • Take advantage of an economical pathway to Texas A&M University.

  • Gain a strong application into a degree granting major within the Texas A&M College of Engineering.

  • Gain an academic advantage by participating in the program, earning Texas A&M Engineering course credits, and successfully completing all program requirements.

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Dec 23, 2021

Your point is a good one, but some of what you said above is simply not true. ALL 3 of our daughters graduated as a homeschooler (diploma & transcript created by US, the parents) - and ALL 3 attended Texas A&M (main campus, in College Station). Meaning, we are STANDING PROOF of what I say below.

Almost all of those things the article mentioned as being excluded from - MY homeschool kids did them. There were no homeschool athletic teams in our town when our kids were approaching junior high age: so we created one. Actually, it became an entire athletic program that has had as many as 10 homeschool basketball teams (including 3 boys & 2 girls varsity teams),…

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