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Each year, millions of high school aged students excitedly look forward to their favorite pastime: sitting for a standardized test. Totally kidding. We know that taking the SAT or the ACT (or in some cases, both) is nobody’s idea of a good time. But did you know that there is actually an alternative test to the SAT and ACT?

I dream of the day we judge purely on merit, but that day is not here yet. The CLT was originally developed to address some of the issues that have surfaced in the ACT and the SAT for decades, including accusations of bias and unreliable metrics. One of the biggest differences of the new CLT standardized test is that it targets a "classical education," which is a type of education that is commonly taught at liberal arts colleges in the United States, and also the type of education that many home and private schools try to emulate.

The CLT10 is designed for freshmen and sophomores. It doesn’t include trigonometry and there are fewer high-difficulty questions. The CLT10 is essentially the equivalent to ACT Aspire and the PSAT. (Speaking of the PSAT, you need to sign up NOW to get a homeschool spot in your ISD!)

Here is a link for a FREE CLT exam offered through Abilene Chrisitian Univ if your teen is interested. It is proctored at home, online. Sign up by 9/23.

And here is a link to the CLT site to read up more on the exam:

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