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Concordia University Wisconsin - Precollege Program

Homeschool friends, especially those in Wisconsin. I found out that Concordia University of Wisconsin offers $50 per credit classes to homeschool and Christian private high school age students. That's $150/class, a steal for private Christian college classes. That rate can be used for a maximum of 36 credits.

There are a ton of in-person and online options. I absolutely cannot speak for the classes (as we have not tried any yet), but I am inclined to believe that (hopefully) they are less full of some of the more mature, adult content you see in some public college classes.

Concordia is a well-respected private university. Regionally accredited, so the credits are highly likely to be transferable. No residency requirements!

Admission requirements

  • Students are typically juniors and seniors but accelerated freshmen and sophomores may apply.  A placement exam may be required for grade 9 students.

  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in academic high school classes.

  • ACT or SAT test scores may be submitted but are not required.

Students can choose from 15-week semester-long online courses.  Online courses are divided into weekly units with specific assignment deadlines, they are not self-paced.  With flexible online classes, students can login anytime during the day. It is suggested that new students only take 1 course for the first term enrolled.

Online course options for fall 2020 are:


  • CSC 150 Found.of Computer Science, 3 cr

  • ECON 222 Macroeconomics, 3 cr

  • ENG 103 Civ&Worldviews: Literature, 3 cr

  • ENG 104 Intro to Writing, 3 cr 

  • HIST 153 American Civilization, 3 cr

  • POLS 201 American Government, 3 cr

  • PSY 101 General Psychology, 3 cr 

  • SOC 101 Intro to Sociology, 3 cr

  • REL 201 Old Testament, 3 cr

  • REL 203 New Testament, 3 cr


  • MGMT 130 Principles of Management, 3 cr

  • MKTG 131 Principles of Marketing, 3 cr

  • PHAR 105 Introduction to Pharmacy, 1 credit 

  • ED 102 Foundations of Education, 3 cr

A few helpful FAQ's about online classes from Concordia's website:

How much time will I need to commit?

Students should expect to be prepared to invest 5-8 hours per week to complete reading and assignments. Successful students typically login at least 4 times per week.

Who teaches online classes?

Instructors are highly qualified full-time or adjunct professors with at least a master’s degree (or 18 graduate credits) in the subject they are teaching.

Will credits transfer if I don’t attend Concordia?

Concordia is an accredited university and credits are often accepted by other schools but the decision is up to the receiving school. Students should check with the other university in advance about credit transferability.

Concordia has this really helpful graphic to describe what a weekly schedule is like for an online class:

The website is super helpful and straightforward:

Remember, friends never let friends pay full price for college.

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