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CLEP at home. Hallelujah.

Wonderful news for homeschoolers.

CLEP tests are very popular in earning inexpensive (and sometimes FREE) college credit at home. You can turn any class or subject your child is interested in into college credit by studying for and adding a CLEP exam to their studies.

And now we can do it at home! No testing center scheduling required.

The exams aren’t changing and will include the same format, content, timed conditions, and on-screen experience as exams taken at a testing center. What is different is that your at-home exams will be monitored by a human proctor who will verify the identity of the online test taker.

You will need to create an account on the College Board’s CLEP website. During registration, you can select the at home remote proctoring option and agree to the requirements. There is a $30 remote proctoring fee, you must be age 13+, live in the US, and meet the technical requirements.

Many people have said that “Analyzing and Interpreting Literature” is the least challenging CLEP exam and a great one to start with. Also recommended are Spanish (if you’ve studied it thoroughly), Government, and History of the United States 1.

Of course, you need to check your colleges CLEP acceptance policy. Also, be sure to check Modern States for your free exam voucher!

Heres the link to the College Board updated CLEP information:

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